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2014-12-22 12:18 am


Happy winter, everyone.

Stay warm, stay safe.
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2013-10-27 05:02 pm

Creepy short story

I've seen this a few places, I don't know the original source. Seems to be a New England ghost story.
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2013-05-27 08:04 pm


via [ profile] james_nicoll

Unexpected Health Insurance Rate Shock-California Obamacare Insurance Exchange Announces Premium Rates.

(Spoiler: they're significantly lower than pundits and the Congressional Budget Office projected.)
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2013-05-10 11:38 pm

Sad Cat Diary

Via the comments section of [ profile] james_nicoll.

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2013-01-30 11:19 pm

How to Make a Hat Base

I'll just leave this here. I look forward to trying it.
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2013-01-28 04:05 pm


M83, Midnight City

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Thrift Shop

AWOLNation, Kill Your Heroes

Metric, Breathing Underwater

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2012-12-21 10:48 pm

Happy Solstice

Longest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, tonight.
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2012-11-21 07:15 pm

News: Urine-powered Generator

Four teenage girls have invented a urine-powered generator. They presented their invention at the fourth annual Maker Faire Africa, Lagos, Nigeria.