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Sep. 15th, 2017 09:59 am
[personal profile] weyodi
Last night I dreamed crazy dreams all night- I dreamed I lived in a city one mountain over from Machu Pichu, it was exactly the same but never abandoned and never discovered and was called Machu Bitchu.

You had to come and go from town in a wicker basket on a crane. I worked at the municipal pool, handing out towels and cupcakes. Herod (the ancient historical king) lived there too, and spent a lot of time bugging me at work about how he hadn't killed those innocents, no, that was a wild exaggeration. He actually spanked them and sent them to bed without supper. No one wanted to hear it, but I was at work and thus a captive audience. There were beautiful towers and gardens and we brought bucket loads of dirt from a local valley to make our city even higher.
As a weird aside there were surveyors and construction work everywhere, which mirrors my neighborhood at the moments.

In other news I think Sweetpants is trying to be subtle.
He asked if we had enough peanut butter for cookies, roughly 3 days after buying a case of peanutbutter.
"Do you want me to make cookies?" I asked.
"No, no , I was just askin'," he said, as though cookies were topics for idle conversation like the weather.

I think I'll make cookies before he strains something with his hinting.


Sep. 10th, 2017 05:15 pm
[personal profile] weyodi
I became the mother to an adult male

Thanks be to Thoth or whoever
He's starting university in January-
Can you see the relief on my face?
If only I could get him to study law instead of comic books we would be set, but there you go.

In other news I am starting a job on the 28th and am trying my damnedest to finish my editing of book three "The Bees Made Honey in the Rich Man's Skull" before it starts so I can get my next three books done, a history of the Comanches based on oral history, a play about my great great grandparents Weckeah Old Bear and Quanah Parker, and the next Polycorpus Singularia book, which features uncolonized steampunk Natives.

Of course having to work a second job is frustrating when all I want to do is write, and I have been considering a patreon account but will that really help or will it simply mean I will have even less time to write?

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Sep. 8th, 2017 05:34 pm
jeliza: custom avatar by hexdraws (Default)
[personal profile] jeliza
I've re-installed and using my 3d program (Vue) for the first time in three computers. This is still cat waxing, but fairly productive cat waxing, potentially, since I need it to finish several unfinished sci-fi landscapes that could nicely fill out my card line.

(I laid out my entire jewelry stock for inventory two days ago and I need to paint at least 40 new pieces of jewelry in the next two weeks. That should be my focus. Um. Don't know why I am so procrastinating on that, it's not even hard, and I have a ton of new ideas too.)

This might be finished now? Maybe? It is certainly much further along than it was two hours ago, which is where it had been paused for six years.

snowy scifi scene, unfinished, by Jeliza Patterson

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